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Us Presidential Election 2020 Winner Odds

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William Hill
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Donald Trump13/101302.3011/8137.52.385/41252.258/51602.605/41252.25   5/41252.256/51202.209/51802.806/41502.508/51602.6011/8137.52.38
Kamala Harris13/26507.5077008880098800977008   15/27508.506600711/25506.5015/27508.508800977008
Beto ORourke88009101000116600788009990010   880097700815/27508.50880098800910100011
Joe Biden6600710100011550066600712120013   660071212001312120013660076600710100011
Elizabeth Warren4040004133330034404000414040004140400041   333300342828002912120013333300344040004133330034
Bernie Sanders6600766007770086600713/26507.50   770085500616160017770086600766007
Amy Klobuchar5050005150500051505000515050005133330034   404000413333003427270028404000415050005150500051
Mike Pence6666006750500051404000418080008110010000101   505000514040004125250026505000518080008150500051
Michael Bloomberg10010000101   150150001511501500015115015000151   4040004110010000101282800294040004115015000151   
Tulsi Gabbard5050005150500051404000418080008166660067   505000515050005120200021505000518080008150500051
Sherrod Brown      100100001011001000010115015000151   28280029   333300342828002910010000101   
Kirsten Gillibrand8080008166660067666600676666006710010000101   666600675050005133330034666600676666006766660067
Nikki Haley6666006750500051404000411001000010110010000101   666600671001000010150500051666600671001000010150500051
Michelle Obama1251250012610010000101150150001511501500015112512500126   808000816666006750500051808000811501500015110010000101

US Presidential Election 2020 Betting and Odds Preview

usa flagWith the USA presidential elections just around the corner, everyone is impatient to see if Donald Trump can keep his shaky post. The controversial American president is widely expected to run for another term in 2020, with many experts seeing him running and winning yet again. Donald Trump’s time at the White House was filled with equal moments of fun and outrage, and it’s clear that his reign will go down into the history books as one of the most controversial. With more than a year until the series of elections take place, the battle, like always, will be fought between the Democrats and Republicans. And, although the Republicans will most likely give their support to Trump, the situation is unclear in the Democratic wing. Michelle Obama has been namedropped as a candidate recently, while many think that the Democrats will either support Hillary Clinton once again or Bernie Sanders. Whoever they choose, their candidate will have a hard time getting Trump out of the White House. The 2020 Presidential Elections will be interesting from a few points of views. Rapper Kanye West has already announced his plans to run next year, just like Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. And, although their chances are not expected to be big nor they are expected to really run for president, the failing Democrat and Republican support may result in an unlikely candidate winning. As we’re closing in on the date, the 2020 US presidential election odds are already out at bookies. Even though the list of candidates has yet to be confirmed, bookies have listed their major favourites with some mind-boggling odds. Kanye and Dwayne Johnson are on the list, just like all the politicians you’d expect. One glaring omission is the absence of former US president Barack Obama, which probably means he won’t run next year. There will be a member from the Obama family running, though, and she’s reasonably high up the list.

How Good Are Trump’s Chances?

donald trump

Donald Trump

With his restrictive views on immigration and more than a few questionable decisions, Donald Trump’s time as the president of the United States can be described as controversial. From ‘covfefe’ to building a wall on the US-Mexico border, Trump will go down as one of the most controversial presidents in American history. That’s not to say that the former business mogul doesn’t have his supporters. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that many experts fully consider him to win another term no matter who the Democrats support. Trump’s support may look like it’s in a downward spiral, but the election betting odds paint a different picture. Currently, Trump is a major favourite for another term in the White House. He’s available at 9/5 at SportNation, Letou, SportPesa, and Fun88, ahead of potential presidential candidates such as Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. No matter who he runs against, Trump’s odds show that he still has supporters on his side, and they could make all the difference.

Can Kamala Harris Bring Down Trump?

For those of you who aren’t that invested in the American political scene, Kamala Harris is the current serving Junior US Senator of California. A politician with a law background, Harris is a member of the Democrats who served as California’s Attorney General between 2011 and 2017. Apart from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris is widely tipped to become the Democrat Party’s main “weapon” in next year’s elections. Kamala Harris’ odds are too far from Trump’s to attract many punters. However, if you believe that the USA is ready to move past Trump’s 2016 election, picking Harris is a safe bet. Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss 3 years ago probably ended her political career, and it’s time for the Democrats to make another gamble just like they did with Obama before. Harris is available at 15/2 at Fun88, SportPesa, Letou, and SportNation. Not exactly the odds for a favourite and she certainly isn’t. But, place a small bet on her and it might pay big in the end. Whatever happens, Harris will be a strong candidate should the Democrats pick her to run. At the same time, bookies are giving Beto O’Rourke the same odds (15/2) to win the 2020 elections.

Does Bernie Sanders Have What It Takes to Win?

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was surely the biggest hit of the last presidential elections. After announcing his campaign in 2015, Sanders went from a longshot to a serious candidate for the Democrats, winning 23 primaries and caucuses. Refusing to take big donations for his campaign, Sanders became a people’s champion talking about a “political revolution” that struck the right chord with many voters. He eventually lost to Hillary Clinton but made a lot of fans. And, although Sanders has been coy about running in 2020 again, many experts believe him to start a campaign once again. People still love Sanders, and if the Democrats choose to give him a chance, he surely stands a chance against Trump. Bookies believe so as well, giving him 16/1 chances to win the 2020 elections (SportPesa, SportNation, Fun88, Letou). Of course, these odds don’t make him a favourite. However, people love Bernie and that might prove crucial. At 16/1, betting on Sanders to win the elections is a good idea. If you’re into political betting, you know that people’s opinions are easily and quickly swayed, and that favourites can fall down from the top pretty easily. If Trumps makes another mistake, Sanders’ chances will go up, and with it, so will your chances to win.

What Are Michelle Obama’s Chances?

In the past few months, there’s been a lot of chatter about Michelle Obama running for president in the next elections. This hasn’t been confirmed by any members from the Obama family or the Democrats, but it makes perfect sense. Michelle Obama was one of the most loved First Ladies of the United States, having as many fans as her husband did. No controversies behind her as well, and we all know how parties love picking a candidate with a spotless resume. If Michelle Obama decides to run, she’ll still have to fight her way through a variety of strong political figures including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Still, bookies didn’t miss on the opportunity to place her on the list of potential winners, giving her odds of 50/1 (Fun88, SportNation, Letou, SportPesa). With the chatter about her running in the 2020 presidential elections getting louder, we’d place a small bet on Michelle Obama. If she ends up standing as Trump’s main candidate, you can bet that she’s going to have a lot of support, and it would be wrong not to capitalize on it. Can Kanye or The Rock Become the New American President? Although we’re not even sure if Kanye West or The Rock were truly serious when they mentioned they might run for president years ago, bookies rarely miss opportunities to capitalize on longshots. As a result, most have included the rapper and actor in their list of favourites, although the odds are expectedly high. For example, Kanye’s odds stand at 150/1 at SportPesa, Fun88, SportNation, and Letou, while The Rock is surprisingly higher on the list with 66/1. If you like a gamble, place a small bet on either, but don’t hold your breath on any of them running for president.