Turner Prize Betting Odds

Turner Prize

English painter, J. M. W. Turner

Named after influential English painter J. M. W. Turner, the Turner Prize is an annual prize awarded to the best English visual artist each year. First presented in 1984, it is organized by the prestigious Tate gallery. Most often held at Tate Britain, the ceremony has recently been held in other British cities. It’s the most popular and publicized art award in Britain and represents all the media.

J. M. W. Turner is one of the biggest names in British art history. His landscape painting forever changed the course of art history, even though he was highly controversial in his time. The Turner Prize named after him awards a prize to the best visual artist for that year. Painters, architects, and other types of visual artists have won the award in the past. From 1991 to 2016, the Turner Prize award was only given to artists under the age of 50. This unusual restriction was lifted in 2017, with artists of all ages now getting equal chances to win.

Every year, there are four nominees for the award. Before the winner is announced, the Prize generates major buzz in the media and social networks. Many pundits often ask the question “Is this art?” when the nominees are announced.

The artists themselves enter the competition based on their works from the preceding year. Public nominations are also received in May, with the shortlist announced in early July. The work of the nominees is usually displayed at Tate in October, with the winner being announced just before the New Year.

Winner Betting Odds

Show odds in: UK EU US
William Hill
Royal Panda
Tai Shani330045/22503.505/22503.501-100233004
Oscar Murillo9/42253.252200315/8187.52.885/22503.509/42253.25
Helen Cammock330045/22503.509/42253.253300433004
Lawrence Abu Hamdan22003330047/23504.503300422003

Turner Prize 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

The Turner artist shortlist is also a popular choice among punters. UK online bookies never miss the chance to form odds for the prestigious Prize as it’s highly popular in Britain. This year, the odds are already out for the four nominees and will no doubt generate a lot of interest among punters.


lv betIn more than a couple of years on the scene, LV BET has managed to break through the ranks on the online betting scene with great deals and a variety of sports markets. Established in 2016, LV BET continues to woo punters in the UK. After unveiling its latest redesign, it’s now even easier to bet online at LV BET. There are hundreds of sports markets with pretty solid odds, making the bookie a great choice for newbies and veteran punters.

Apart from sports, LV BET has a number of specials in its offer. Politics and special TV shows and prizes can be found here, with odds for the Turner Prize winners as well. This year, Thai Shani is the favourite to win the prize, leading the list with evens odds. Colombian artist Oscar Murillo is right behind Shani with odds of 5/2.

The remaining two names on the list, Helen Cammock, and Lawrence Abu Hamdan have identical odds of 3/1. If you follow the UK art scene, you probably know the works of the four nominees. As you can see, the odds are fairly great for such a short list. Make your pick and wait for December – if you predict the winner, you may double or quadruple your prize.


energybetEnergyBet is a well-known operator in the UK, offering a casino and sportsbook as well. The sportsbook relies on industry-leading odds and a large selection of sports markets. Licensed in Malta and the UK, EnergyBet offers all the sports you can think of and quite a few specials as well. Among those that are most popular with English punters is the upcoming Turner Prize.

With the four nominees already announced, EnergyBet has provided punters with odds for the winners. Tai Shani is still on top of the list with odds of 1/1. Oscar Murillo is not too far behind with 5/2, while Hammock and Abu Hamdan are available for 3/1.

It’s clear that Shani has the best chances of winning the prize, and leading art experts agree with the opinion of most bookies. At 1/1, she seems like a great pick. However, if you want to add a bit of excitement, you can try with the other artists. Oscar Murillo is a great painter with a resume and not a big outsider – our money would be on him.

William Hill

william hillWilliam Hill is one of the biggest names in online betting. With shops and betting sites all across Europe, it has one of the strongest base of punters. It’s not surprising to see why. The bookie offers a number of great sports and markets, including specials such as politics and the Turner Prize ceremony. With industry-setting odds, it’s a betting site worth visiting and punting on.

Surprisingly, Tai Shani is not the leading favourite to win the Turner Prize this year at William Hill. Oscar Murillo has her dethroned with odds of 2/1, while Shani is stuck at the second spot along with Helen Cammock with odds of 5/2. Lawrence Abu Hamdan is last at 3/1.

Since Oscar Murillo is on the top of the list at one of the biggest bookies of them all, we’d go with him. At 2/1, he’s a great choice that can triple your bet and a big favourite to land the coveted prize. If you’d like to play with a bit of a risk, go for any of the other three nominees.


ladbrokesAnother UK sportsbook attraction, Ladbrokes has millions of big fans. Ladbrokes has been going strong for years now, establishing itself as the first choice of many punters in the UK. Apart from the huge number of sports markets, this exciting bookie also runs odds on numerous non-sports events including the prestigious Turner Prize.

Tai Shani is at the top of the list of Ladbrokes favourites with odds of 2/1. Murillo comes second this time around at 5/2 while Helen Cammock and Lawrence Abu Hamdan have equal chances of winning the prize (3/1). At 2/1, Shani seems to be a major favourite, but betting on those odds may not bring you a substantial return.

If you ask us, our money at Ladbrokes would be on Oscar Murillo. At 5/2, he’s the better choice and a favourite in the eyes of leading art pundits. Since Cammock and Abu Hamdan are not that far from being the main favourites, we’d suggest taking a look at them as well. Whoever you pick, you will get more than double in return for your bet.


coralPart of the same sportsbook network as Ladbrokes, Coral is another popular bookie in Europe and especially the UK. Offering a number of sports and industry-leading odds, Coral is a favourite for many punters. The English Premier League in football may be in its focus, but the bookie offers odds on numerous other events. You can bet on various political events or predict who earns the 2019 Turner Prize.

Not surprisingly, Tai Shani (2/1) leads the list in front of Oscar Murillo (5/2). Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Helen Cammock are at the bottom of the list with odds of 3/1 which aren’t exactly far from the biggest favourite. Murillo seems like the best option for us – he’s not far from Shani, but not an outsider as well. Betting on the Colombian painter will more than triple your bet, so he seems like an ideal choice.

Tai Shani will bring you something just below that, so take her into consideration as well. After all, bookies certainly haven’t made Shani a main favourite for no reason at all.