Next Pope after Francis Betting and Odds Preview

pope francis

Pope Francis

The Pope or Supreme Pontiff is the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. He also holds the title Bishop of Rome and head of state of Vatican City. The Pope oversees the Holy See, the sovereign entity of international law located in Vatican State. His office or the papacy as it’s also known, has been a seat of great power in the past. However, in recent times its authority has diminished and it is now mainly focused on religious matters.

The Pope is considered to be the direct successor to Saint Peter, whose primacy was conferred by Jesus himself. Jesus handed St. Peter the Keys to Heaven and named him the rock on which the church will be built upon. Saint Peter and Saint Paul created the apostolic see in the first century, making the papacy one of the most powerful institutions in the world. In the past, the papacy had a say in political and war matters while also serving as the primary religious institution. Due to the church’s diminishing presence in the past century, the papacy has lost most of its supremacy.

In 2013, Pope Francis was elected as the new pope following the passing of Benedict XVI. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he is the first pope from the Southern Hemisphere and the Americas, and also the first to hold papal mass in Arabia. Pope Francis is the first Pope outside of Europe after Gregory III 1,300 years ago.

Pope Francis is a widely popular figure. Known for his humility and not being afraid to step outside his boundaries, Francis is a less formal Pope than his predecessors. Although popes usually reign until their death, bookies are already speculating about the next pope, offering odds on dozens of candidates.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the leading bookmaker brands worldwide. Founded in 1934, the bookie has dominated sport betting shops for quite a long time before making jumping to the Internet. Known for its reliability and industry-leading odds, William Hill offers a variety of sports to bet on. Although the focus is on football and horse racing, Will Hill has a variety of special markets where you can get special odds on events not related to sports.

Aside from offering betting on upcoming political elections or TV shows, William Hill also offers odds on dozens of candidates that may end up the new pope. A leading candidate for Papabile (candidate for election to the papacy), Peter Turkson has been made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2003. He’s the main favourite to become the next pope after Francis at Will Hill with odds of 5/1.

Next in line is the Archbishop of Manilla, Luis Antonio Tagle with odds of 6/1. The President of the Pontifical Commission for South America Marc Ouellet is available at 7/1. Angelo Scola, who many experts consider most likely to succeed Pope Francis, shares the same odds with Ouellet. Christoph Schonborn closes the shortlist of biggest potential successors of Pope Francis with odds of 8/1 – all the other cardinals have odds that go beyond 10/1.


lv betWith over 40 sports and thousands of markets to bet in, LV BET is one of the most exciting bookies that arrived on the market recently. With football in its focus, LV BET is ideal for footie fans. Of course, there are plenty of other sports to bet on as well as numerous special events such as the biggest favourites to replace the current Pontifex Maximus.

LV BET has two favourites for the head of the papacy – Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and Archbishop Angelo Scola. They’re both available for 8/1, while Peter Turkson goes for 10/1, just like Cardinal Marc Ouellet and Cardinal Sean O’Malley. Peter Erdo (12/1) comes before Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (14/1).

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is widely tipped to succeed Pope Francis when the time comes, and at 8/1, he’s a great choice for punters. If you believe Peter Turkson to be the favourite, his 10/1 odds are great as well. LV BET actually has great odds for all the candidates on the list, so you can just bet on anyone you want and expect a solid return.


energybetEnergyBet is an online casino that was launched in 2012. The operator decided to add a sportsbook in 2016 and has attracted thousands of punters since. Thanks to regular great promotions and a variety of sports and markets to bet on, EnergyBet is a truly great bookie for new and experienced punters alike.

Aside from the huge sports offer, you can bet on several specials at EnergyBet, including the possibility to predict the next pope. Archbishop Angelo Scola and Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle are the favourites at EnergyBet with odds of 8/1, with cardinals Ouellet and Turkson being very close with odds of 10/1. His Eminence Odilo Pedro Scherer stands at 12/1 while Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga’s odds are 14/1.

The prelate of the Mexican Church Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera is the unlikeliest successor to Pope Francis with odds of 100/1. If you ask us, we’d stick with some of the top favourites on this one. Tagle and Scola’s odds look great and they’re among the top favourites in the Vatican as well. Ouellet and Turkson’s odds are even better – if any one of them becomes the new pope, you’ll be looking at a 10x payout, which is more than great.

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