Eurovision Betting Odds

Eurovision Betting OddsThe Eurovision Song Contest is Europe’s largest and most popular song competition. it is held primarily between countries from the European Broadcasting Union. There have been certain deviations from the rule – since 2015, Australia is allowed to compete. A total of 50 European countries are allowed to enter Eurovision as of 2018. Winning the prestigious prize often gives the winner’s career a significant boost. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee long-term success, but it’s a fairly big prize. In the past, famous artists such as ABBA and Celine Deon have won the contest, with many other stars finishing as runner ups. Everyone wants to win the contest and bring the next Eurovision contest home. Eurovision has been envisioned as a counterpart to the Sanremo music festival held in Italy. It is based on the same model and was launched in 1956. It is the longest-running international TV contest in Europe and one of the most watched annual events as well. It even trumps some high-profile football events. The number of viewers varies between 100 and 600 million internationally, with the contest being broadcasted even in countries that don’t compete. The winning country is next in line to organize the contest. Ireland is at the top of the winner’s list with 7 wins. The winner is selected by a positional voting system. Each of the countries participating in the contest assigns two sets of 12, 10, and 8-1 points for its favourites. Usually, a popular TV figure announces the votes. Israel won the 2018 Eurovision song contest that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Eurovision 2019 will be held at the Expo Tel Aviv between 14 and 18 May. A total of 42 countries have entered the competition, proudly representing their native countries while fighting for the top.

Eurovision 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

Who’s the Favourite?

sportpesaPredicting the exact favourite for each Eurovision is pretty hard. With 40 or 50 participants, some of them yet to be decided, Eurovision isn’t exactly a punter’s dream. On the other hand, this promises amazing odds, and it’s no different this year as well. There’s no general type of song that might win the contest. We’ve seen crazy songs and performances win in the past (anyone remember Lordi?), and slower rhythms winning everyone’s hearts as well. The performers usually opt for a pop-sound, although rock songs are just as popular. This year’s Eurovision odds go in favour of Russia, represented by Russian pop singer Sergey Lazarev. A former member of the duo Smash!!, Lazarev set out on a solo career after the band broke up in 2006. He already represented Russia at the Eurovision contest in 2016, finishing on the high 3rd spot. That has to count for something and probably played a part behind Russia’s favourite odds. Right now, Lazarev leads the list with odds of 33/10 at SportPesa, Mansion Bet, and Fun88, and 4/1 at EnergyBet. If the Russians score a win and you’ve backed Sergey Lazarev up, you’ll quadruple your investment, which doesn’t sound bad at all.

Can Sweden Get Back on the Throne?

The Melodifestivalen 2019 final will take place on March 9 and decide on Sweden’s entry in the Eurovision 2019 contest. With the Eurovision odds already outs and Sweden the second favourite just behind Russia, it’s a bit tricky to bet on an artist that hasn’t been even announced yet. Still, Sweden has a great history in the contest. Winning it on 6 occasions, Sweden is sitting just behind Ireland in terms of wins and has always been in the winning mix. This year, bookies are giving Sweden of 13/2 (Fun88, MansionBet, SportPesa) or 6/1 (EnergyBet) to win the contest. As we already said, betting on an artist that hasn’t been announced yet is tricky, so if you’re unsure of Sweden’s odds, go with Russia instead. However, you stand to earn more if Sweden wins. At 13/2 or 6/1, even a small bet will bring you double the money a Russia win will. So, if you’re smart, you’ll place a small bet on the second favourite and hope they pick an artist who can win. If Sweden’s history at the Eurovision is any indicator, you may be right to back the country up.

Can Italy End the Dry Spell?

fun88Since Eurovision’s conception, Italy has always been one of the favourites. The Italians even won the competition several times, with the last win coming in 1990 through the legendary Toto Cutugno. However, the country then decided to take a break from the contest, focusing on the popular Sanremo festival instead. Italy has been absent from Eurovision between 1998 and 2010. They returned to the stage in 2011, eventually ending on the second place. Since then, the winner of the Sanremo festival is given the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision song contest. This year’s Sanremo winner was Mahmood with the song Soldi (Money). The Italian singer is a big star in his native country and has already been made a third favourite to win the competition. Fun88, SportPesa, EnergyBet, and MansionBet are all giving Mahmood odds of 8/1, which is pretty close to Sweden’s odds of 6/1. The Italian singer-songwriter definitely has the stage presence and voice to win the contest, which is probably what placed him so high up the list. If you think he has what it takes to win, place a bet on Italy’s entrant and you can win a nice amount of money in return.

The Netherlands – a Dark Horse Favourite?

The Netherlands has always been kind of flying under the radar when it comes to Eurovision. Winning the competition four times in the past, rarely any expert has been giving the country chances, yet they constantly beat all odds. It seems the same might happen this year. Bookies have made the Netherlands a fourth favourite with pretty high odds, yet many music experts think that Duncan Laurence can end up on the top spot. Currently available for 14/1 (EnergyBet, MansionBet, Fun88, SportPesa), the odds for the Netherland’s entry Duncan Laurence may not look great to some. However, Eurovision fans might know better. Laurence is a sensation in his home country and many experts believe he can be the surprise at the upcoming Eurovision contest. If he ends up on the top spot and you ignored his odds, you’ll be kicking yourself. With so many great choices for the upcoming song contest, consider your options carefully.