Area 51 Betting Odds Preview

area51Over in the remote parts of Nevada, the mysterious Area 51 is never very far away from the headlines. Officially, this is just a military training area but as any good conspiracy theorist should know, there may be much more going on behind those high security doors.

In 2019, Area 51 has been brought back into focus by an online campaign which was originally started as a joke. Over one million UFO spotters, alien enthusiasts and other interested observers have taken to social media in order to lay claim to a potential storming of the United States Air Force Facility.

Whether they assemble is one question while the possibility of making it past a heavily guarded base must also be in serious doubt. Whatever your own theories may involve, novelty bettors will know that wherever there are aliens, a selection of markets will surely follow.

Why Area 51?

If Area 51 is marked down as a standard USAF facility, just why is there so much interest among those conspiracy theorists. The US Government would insist that this is merely a base for testing experimental aircraft and weapons.

The extra-terrestrial interest stems from the Roswell Incident that took place in 1947. The official version of events states that a weather balloon crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico but those theorists state that a number of flying saucers were involved and that the whole thing was an elaborate cover up.

The stories may have gained some credence due to the fact that the existence of Area 51 had been denied for years. Its very being was only acknowledged as recently as 2013 when a University study confirmed its existence beyond all reasonable doubt.

We’ll now take a look at what’s been made available by the bookmakers and, to some extent, you may need to take a leap of faith and embrace the Area 51 rumours before you stake in any of the following.

Available Markets

lv betAt the time of writing, the list of participating bookies was a small one with just EnergyBet and LV BET quoting options at present. That position may change in the weeks and days leading up to September 20, which is the day that the storming of Area 51 is due to take place.

For now, we just have the following odds but we’re certain that these offer strong value from two outlets who are always competitive in any market.

There is a good choice too, starting with the 199/1 price on the US Government declassifying Area 51 files before 19/09/2019. This is an interesting option because, the theorists would suggest that if there is nothing to hide, there is nothing stopping the Government from declassifying those files ahead of a potential storming of the base.

The other side of the argument would state that the area is top secret and not because of any possible connection to UFOs and Aliens. The odds of 199/1 would also tend to dissuade punters from getting involved but it’s an interesting pick with which to kick things off.

energybetAt one end of the betting scale, the shortest price we could find on any Area 51 option was the 9/10 from EnergyBet and LV BET on Donald Trump to write a Twitter post concerning September 20th’s intended activities. For this selection to pay out, the post has to come from the President’s official account between now and September 20 and this seems almost nailed on.

There’s plenty of numbers in between those figures and some of these relate to the potential for a follow up TV series. Both LV BET and EnergyBet have odds of 5/1 on HBO announcing a series relating to Area 51 between now and September 20, 2019. Alternatively, you can take the lower price of 3/1 on Netflix taking the same approach.

We’re almost convinced that some TV network is going to tap into this. Surely this is a perfect time to take advantage of the potential events of 20/09/2019. If you agree with that assessment, all you need to do is decide which of those networks will pick it up.

Extra Ordinary

One of the more striking options from the Area 51 markets is the price of 699/1 on Bob Lazar to have been working on the S-4 Firing Range alongside Area 51. For those who are unaware, this is a claim that Lazar has already made and he also claims to have viewed official US documents that indicate alien involvement in the human race over the last 10,000 years.

A simpler option of aliens being found in Area 51 on September 20 carries an extraordinary price of 9999/1. Alternatively, punters can take the 14,999/1 on offer for alien bacteria to have been brought back on the spacesuit of Neil Armstrong in 1969.

Coming back to a smaller price, both EnergyBet and LV BET have 2/1 on President Donald Trump to ensure there are no aliens in Area 51 on the storm date. It may be a low set of odds but we’re unclear as to how that option can be proved.


donald trump

Donald Trump

Clearly there is something out of the ordinary going on at Area 51 but the suggestion that alien life form is involved requires an enormous leap of faith. While we feel that there may be ‘something out there’ that we cannot comprehend, it is tough to recommend taking a punt on an event that would be so unique to the human race.

Feel free to make up your own mind if you have a theory but while we will make some suggestions, these tips are a little more down to earth. Firstly, if the campaign for storming Area 51 on September 20 gathers momentum, it seems almost certain that President Trump will comment on social media. He’s an avid Tweeter and although 9/10 is the shortest priced option here, it genuinely looks to be the most likely.

Secondly, a TV series looks inevitable and to make it accessible to a wider audience, we’re giving HBO the nod over Netflix.

Best Bets:

  • Donald Trump to write a Twitter post about Storm Area 51 at 9/10 with EnergyBet
  • HBO to announce a series about Area 51 before 20/09/2019 at 5/1 with LV BET

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